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Become an FCC licensed Amateur. Study is the first step. There are many resources for study materials. If you prefer books then you might choose ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League) publications. Gordon West is also a tried and true way to good learning. Online resources include several Play Store and Apple Store apps that you can use on a mobile device. Online study websites such as Ham Study and Ham Radio Prep are popular online sites you could choose. There are so many options that it really is a matter of personal preference. You pick what you like the best.

Testing is provided in sessions by Volunteer Examiner Coordinators and the sessions are proctored by Volunteer Examiners, all of which are trusted and licensed amateur operators. There are sessions in many locations, so you you shouldn’t have a problem finding a session near you. All of the links above have a section on their website dedicated to examination times and location. You can also ask a ham to point you in the right direction to find a session. If they don’t know when and where a location is, he or she can tell you who does!

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