Tree felling, wood splitting and stacking, aka: hard work.

A large amount of respect should be placed on our ancestors. Those folks worked hard. Hard!

We recently had ten trees removed from our property. Two months ago the trees were cut and sliced into roughly 16 inch logs to be split for firewood. I have been using a 25 ton hydraulic splitter to make the logs into fireplace friendly pieces. I have worked my hind end off for the past 2 months on this project. Between my day job and weather, and lawn care, every other free opportunity has been committed to getting the chunks of wood broken down and stacked on the farm.

I have been using a hydraulic splitter. I imagine those who swung the venerable splitting maul would have some feminine slang for my whining. I can’t say it would be undeserved because it has been rough on my 40 year old body. I don’t think I would get through this ordeal unscathed if it were not mechanized. The manual option would surely have forced me to see the general practitioner.

The men who did laborious work such as; swinging the splitting maul, plumbers, gardeners, farmers and harvesters, all those other fine men who worked their asses off and the clever men who saved the labor with invention, I salute you all with utmost respect! God bless all of you.

If I have left any out, it was not for disrespect. Take notice that my respect is for all the hard workers. I feel your pain.

Thanks for reading!

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